Frequently asked questions

  • Why buy a diamond from Daneel Diamond Manufacturers?
    In order to obtain the best possible value for money, it is of the utmost importance to purchase your diamonds as close as possible to the original source. Most diamonds exchange hands between seven and ten times within the trade before reaching the end customer. This causes a huge and unnecessary increase in price. We manufacture and own all the diamonds we offer, which results in a significant saving for our customers.
  • Can I view the diamonds?
    It is very important to personally view the diamond you wish to buy. You cannot rely on the certificate only of the diamond as pitfalls can exist beyond the information provided by the seller.  Our advanced technology empowers you to examine your diamond in detail.
  • Where are Daneel Diamond Manufacturers’ retail stores?
    Both our state of the art stores are conveniently located in the historic centre of Stellenbosch.
  • Do you provide insurance for jewellery sold?
    We can provide you with all the necessary VAT Invoice, diamond certificate and valuation certificate to obtain insurance, we do not provide insurance as we need to remain an objective third party.
  • Do you provide cleaning services for jewellery?
    We do provide a free cleaning service on jewellery pieces bought from us. We can provide cleaning services on jewellery not bought from us too for a limited fee, but it is subject to the jeweller’s opinion and the service can be denied if we are uncomfortable with the authenticity or quality.
  • Can I custom design my engagement ring?
    Yes! As we specialize in once off, custom designed jewellery, we warmly welcome  you to be involved in the design process to create a personalized ring that represents your unique style and personality.
  • What type of gold do you use?
    We believe that high end jewellery deserves only the best metals. We therefore only work in 18 carat white/yellow/rose gold as well as platinum. We therefore do not work in 9 carat gold or silver.
  • Can you courier my jewellery to me?
    We can arrange for a safe courier service within the borders of South Africa. If you are beyond South African borders, please notify us in advance so that we can determine available options.
  • What if I need to resize my ring?
    Sometimes resizing is required, e.g. in the case of surprise engagements and anniversaries. We offer free resizing for all rings created by us.
  • Do you certify your diamonds independently?
    It is vital to invest in diamonds that are accompanied by independent grading reports. We make use of GIA and EGL-SA certificates.
  • Are any of your diamonds laser treated, clarity enhanced or altered in any way?
    Absolutely not. We believe in the beauty of the natural diamond created by mother earth. We do not stock or deal with synthetic or treated diamonds.
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    We accept all major credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay as well as eft and wire transfers. Please note that credit cards will most likely have higher bank charges than eft and wire transfers.
  • Are you a “drop-shipper?”
    Each diamond found in our stores are owned by Daneel Diamond Manufacturers. As the largest De Beers Sightholder in the Western Cape, we have access to large quantities of rough diamonds that we polish in our state-of-the-art factory.

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