High quality diamonds from the heart of South Africa.

It has long been known that beneath South Africa’s wondrous landscape lies untold wealth. Embedded in its depth are stones so precious that their lure is known throughout the world. And of all the gems, none holds greater value than the South African diamond. It brilliantly reflects the soul of its people.

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Certified Diamonds

Clients can expect excellent quality, as our diamonds are certified by the internationally respected Gemological Institute of America and the European Gemological Laboratory in South Africa.


Handcrafted jewellery

Browse our exclusive range of jewellery made by our expert craftsmen. We specialize in a wide range of jewellery from rings, earrings, wedding bands, pendants and many more, including custom designs.


Made by nature, designed for you, by you.

Daneel Diamond Manufacturers (DDM) was founded in 1985 by Stellenbosch – born John Daneel (MSc (Stellenbosch), MBA (Indiana)), Member of Jewellery Council of South Africa). Since 2015, his two sons Pieter Daneel (CA(SA), BAccHons (Stellenbosch), MBA Candidate (Cambridge, 2019/20)) and Xander Daneel (BCom (Stellenbosch)) have driven the family business to new heights.

DDM is the only De Beers (DTC) sightholder in the Western Cape with a state of the art diamond cutting factory. DDM provides gorgeous South African diamonds, directly from the mine to the finger. For more than three decades, DDM has served the local and international public with diamonds and custom made bespoke jewellery of unsurpassed quality. Our excellent reputation speaks for itself and has made our success story possible.

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